GSI Coop

The Greensprings is an area of the Cascade Mountains along the historic Applegate Trail and current State Highway 66 that runs from the summit east to the Klamath County border.  It is a sparsely populated rural area that is now mostly inside the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument.

At the tail end of the digital revolution, the Greensprings area has been only able to get Internet service via sattelite or cell data services.  As of May 26, 2013 wireless high speed internet that is capable of Netflix, YouTube, Skype, gaming and other standard services is available.  We have added several repeater sites in the last three years and now provide service to over 100 of our neighbors from as far west as the Mt. Ashland Ski road, North almost to Ashland and East to COPCO Road.  For information please email or call: - 541.552.4017